Lele Pons introduces "Jealous" and makes feminist reggaeton fashionable

The beautiful Venezuelan Lele Pons, this week premiered this new single entitled "Jealous" that has caused a furore in social networks.

The new musical theme of this versatile and versatile artist is an announcement of the independence of women and self-sufficiency that feeds the jealous obsession of an ex.

The release of "Jealous" is supported by two video's that were directed by the co-creators of Lele in Shots Studios Rudy Mancuso (horizontal video you can see on YouTube) and the other by Anwar Jibawi (vertical video exclusive Spotify).

Reggaeton Feminist

Famous reggaeton singers have caused controversy due to the high sexual and macho content of their songs. For example, Maluma was strongly criticized in networks after the release of his song "4 Babies".

That is why the music of Lele Pons has such a big impact on his fans and fans. The beautiful chose the same music genre but with her own personal and feminist touch.

"I did not want a song that looked like:" Oh, I want to have sex! I want this, or men. "I wanted a song about a woman who is independent and does not need a man to complete her life or be happy," he said during an interview with the AP agency.

"You become jealous when I dance with another person, I am neither of them nor of you" , says one of the stanzas with a clear message.

The video already has more than 27 million views. Did you see it? We leave it here so you do not miss it:

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