Ly Jonah has given birth to her first child

The Venezuelan actress and model, Ly Jonaitis, announced on Thursday the arrival of her first child in a "perfect, unique and special" way, detailed the birth process and thanked "with the heart" all the people who accompanied her in the "Sweet wait "from his son Salvador.

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"This is how our beloved son, our rainbow baby, our desired little prince, arrived! Today, August 23, Salvador decided to be born at 10:33, weighed 3300, measured 52 cm, I never thought he would arrive like that, but certainly could not be more perfect, unique and special, "said the animator, through their social networks.

He thanked Dr. Betania, Dr. Gustavo, Dr. Beatriz, each of the nurses, and also Aldrina Valenzuela Rojas who was responsible for documenting the moment of delivery.

"I'm a bit absent and enter this beautiful and magical world of being a mother!" Thank you all for your messages, God is good and merciful! Welcome Salvador, "he quoted the caption where he published photos of the process of his birth.

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