Marc Anthony signed a $ 160 million contract for concerts in the US, Central America, South America and the Caribbean

Salsa Marc Anthony signed an agreement for a $ 160 million concert tour with producers CMN, Cárdenas Marketing Network and Magnus Talent, known for giving historical tours around the world.

The signing of these agreements brings the artist to a large part of the United States, different countries of Central America, as well as to various Caribbean countries and throughout South America.

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In this way Marc Anthony sets a precedent in the development of concerts with this new agreement, receives the highest compensation for an international tour of a representative of Latin American music and one of the most lucrative agreements of artists in recent times of any kind either language or language.

The salsa singer is currently on tour with his Tour Legacy, which will have a stop in Bogotá, Colombia, next Friday 7 September, where he will perform with the singer Pipe Bueno.

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