Mayim Bialik says goodbye to The Big Bang Theory with an emotional video

That of Amy and Sheldon became one of the most important couples of the sitcom

Confirmation of the end of

The Big Bang Theory
continues to penetrate deeply into his main passion, and
farewell message that Kaley Cuoco shared the last few days and
Jim Parsons, now adds the

Mayim Bialik
, the actress who plays in the series Amy, the couple Sheldon.

Unlike his fellow sitcoms, who used Instagram to think about what the end of the series meant after more than a decade in the air, Mayim chose Youtube. On that page she uploaded a video of almost five minutes in which she spoke directly with the camera after a tour of the film set about how she started her professional career, and how much it meant to be part of
The Big Bang Theory.

When the sitcom closed shut, Bialik said, "It's something that makes me feel weird.Most, when things are over, they do it from one moment to the next and not like here it's a
this will end in 23 episodes. So that means that until the end of April we have a whole season ahead to find out what the scriptwriters give us. And my first thought about this was whether we would make twelve crazy things happen in season. I do not know, but I think our writers these days decide how they want it to be this year. & # 39;

The actress also said that she has "mixed feelings", and that
The Big Bang Theory It was "part of my life for nine years." Finally, Mayim indicated that he is actively engaged in new projects, not only within the performance, but also from production.

In Argentina, the last season of The Big Bang Theory starts on October 8 at 9 o'clock

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