Miss Earth Venezuela 2018 Diana Silva shared her most personal side and also commented on the controversy of the Miss Venezuela

The fantastic Miss Earth Venezuela 2018, Diana Silva, He showed his best and most personal side on Saturday night, in addition to giving his opinion on the last controversy that led to the suspension of the Miss Venezuela 2018 match.

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She pointed out that while the questions were asked to her and the finalists during the big evening of the Miss Earth election, could know how to give a balanced response without many prejudices, unlike the rest.

He confirmed that it seems "a lack of respect" from the Miss Venezuela Organization for the Miss World 2017who, after an invested year, did not send her to compete in the Miss World 2018. In the place of Veruska Ljubisavljevic, Diana would have done the same.

He also shared that despite not publishing because he feels uncomfortable sharing his private life through social networks, have a boyfriend, who waited for her with flowers at the end of Sunday's coronation.

They were also present in the study

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