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National Geographic will continue with the television series that the actor presents Morgan Freeman exploring different cultures and religions and also giving his opinion on matters that have to do with God or a higher being.

The future of the popular series was challenged in May when eight women accused the Oscar winner of sexual harassment.

Although the third season was confirmed with the actor in January Morgan Freeman, the preproduction of the series was interrupted and Fox started to investigate the case.

"The results of this study have not caused any worries during our work with Mr. Freeman," he said. Nat Geo to the specialized medium Deadline.

Reason why they decided to continue the production of the critically acclaimed series Morgan Freeman & # 39; The Story of God & # 39 ;, which starts again in September with the Revelations Entertainment team.

"As a company, we take all bullying issues seriously and we have confidence in the results of the research.The new season will be released globally on National Geographic Channels in 2019," read the internal statement from the CEO of National Geographic Global Networks.

The third season of the series will continue to follow Morgan Freeman During his travels to the most sacred locations in the world and will speak with different characters from history, religion, science and archeology to try to answer some concerns about the deity.

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