NXT TakeOver poster: Brooklyn 4 – Everything you need to know!

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn today celebrates its 4th edition being the NXT special with more tradition and that has remained solid in the weekend of SummerSlam, by always offering us a solid poster that looks out on the PPV of the cast Especially this year will not be the exception: given that it brought the most popular names to the table and the rivalry that overshadows the rest in the McMahon empire panorama.

From the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, the crew captain by Triple H promises a night full of emotions .

1 Tommaso Ciampa (c) v. Johnny Gargano Last Man Standing for the NXT Championship
2 Shayna Baszler (c). Kairi Sane For the NXT Women's Championship
3 The Undisputed Era (Kyle O & # 39; Reilly & Roderick Strong) (c). Mustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) For the NXT Couples Championship
4 Adam Cole (c). Ricochet By the NXT North American Championship
5 Velveteen Dream. EC3 Mano a mano

Something they both have in common is that they have very well defined characters who have convinced the audience. Both Superstars with their huge egos remind us of the hunters of yore who, besides their achievements on the ring, kept us captive with their magnetic personalities; sometimes very caricatural but ultimately endearing.

Direct consequence of the ladder fight that defined the first NXT North American champion Adam Cole, who will certainly be one of the next stars of WWE; takes advantage of that personality that moves masses, the luchistic quality and that ease of speaking before crowds . On the other hand, Ricochet is no other flyer, he is special and has shown a skill that can not be compared with the current fighters in the company, this night he has to show us (again) because he is different.

It's no secret for everyone that the NXT women's division is not going through its best moment, it's only looking at the low qualification that recent meetings have received. But in a pleasant attempt to recover, WWE has signed formidable women, an example of which is the challenger Kairi Sane, who is part of a series, on the other hand, Bazsler, a former UFC is that ingredient that the division needs. : a real bully, hard to beat, that is the stone in the shoe of the techniques.

The reason why this is perhaps the best rivalry that WWE has carried out in recent years, is that it includes a latent failure in the rest of generic rivalries; if everything revolves in the sense that the two rivals hate each other, because they are beaten to death in their struggle, because if you take the word to a story hate do not talk about it … Prove it! instead of two men talking extensively about how much they hate each other … Let them destroy each other! That's why people still remember rivalries like The Rock vs. Stone cold, Triple H vs. Michaels, Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar or Jericho and Michaels, because they saw mutual hatred at every stroke, not through long and pretentious dialogues in Raw segments.

Country Time
Honduras 5 PM
] Guatemala 5 PM
El Salvador 5 PM
Nicaragua 5 PM
Mexico (Mexico City) 6 PM
Peru (Lima) 6 PM
Panama 6 PM
Colombia 6 PM
United States [19659010] 7 PM
Venezuela 7 PM
Bolivia 7 PM
Puerto Rico 7 PM
Dominican Republic ] 7 PM
Chile 8 PM
Brazil 8 PM [19659030] Uruguay (Montevideo) 8 PM
Paraguay [19659010] 8 PM
Argentina 8 PM
It is canvas 1 AM (08 -19-2018)

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