Salma Hayek shook her hips in a revealing bikini (+ video)

Photo: @salmahayek

(Caracas, August 18, News24) .- The actress Salma Hayek has shown that even at 51, is a very attractive woman and shows that is daring appearance in a bathing suit , in which she exposed her generous curves.

The Mexican was not afraid to show her attributes, while she was an orange bikini, so through her Instagram profile she shared thousands with her followers a clip showing the essence of the woman.

In the video you see Salma shaking her hips on the beach with sexy bathing suits, making it clear that she is still impressive.

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The Frida interpreter produced a series of reproductions after this clip, one of the bikinis had double wounds on the hips to get a different sensual touch of skin.

However the brunette has also done shoveling his color from head to toe.

Photo: @salmahayek

Photo: @salmahayek

Photo: @salmahayek

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