The 2018 edition of the Miss Venezuela competition has been suspended

A court in Caracas stopped the beauty contest Miss Venezuela, which was planned on September 12, at the request of Veruska Ljubisavljevic, a young woman who participated last year in this competition in which she was the first finalist.

The organizers of the competition, known in the country as the "queens factory", reported the decision through a statement that spread on social networks, warning that they do not share the measure or disagree, "but it is in the obligation to comply ".

"A precaution was issued when, among other things, our company is ordered to immediately suspend the organization of the event," said the statement in which the organizers say they will expose the judge "all arguments and defenses to make that reckless and unfounded question will be rejected. "

The complaint submitted by Ljubisavljevic, meanwhile, is that the executive committee of the competition announced that it would not go to the edition of this year Miss World due to the requirements of the international franchise for the election of the representative of each country. That's why the young woman announced that she would take legal action to represent Venezuela in this year's Miss World.

The queen of beauty, also through social networks, emphasized that she will defend her claim, because last year during the contest they have imposed a crown and a band that have credited her as the "Miss Venezuela World".

The Venezuelan model and the champion of the beauty contest that was crowned Miss World Venezuela 2017 is 27 years old.

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