The first lions are born through artificial insemination

This is really good news, it's about the first lions conceived by artificial insemination in the world, proudly announced their parents, researchers at the University of the South African capital.

The two little ones lions, a woman and a man, they were born at 25 August and they evolve perfectly, says Andre Ganswindt, director of the mammalian mammals research institute in Pretoria.

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The milestone was reached after 18 months of intensive scientific trials. We have obtained semen from a lion in good health and then inseminated the lioness, says Ganswindt.

We've tried it a few times, but to my surprise it did not take us too long to achieve this, says Ganswindt.

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The Spanish veterinarian Isabel Callealta, who led the team, trained the lionesses to lie down along a fence while they were being tested. The fertilization was carried out in a specialized laboratory in Ukutula.

It was something unprecedented, now we have to evaluate it to ensure that this approach can be reproduced successfully and more regularly, says Andre Ganswindt.

If the efficacy of this technique is confirmed, it can be used to renew the species in places where it is threatened.

The collective declared itself for in vitro fertilization for other endangered species, such as cheetas.

On the other hand, the person in charge of South Africa from the Panthera NGO, Paul Funston, considers this "first" achieved by the researchers of the University of Pretoria totally useless.

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