The International Festival of Highland Cinema is coming

27 August 2018 – 00:00
From 1 to 8 September there will be lectures, workshops and master classes.

In the context of the International Festival of Cinema of the Heights, which takes place from 1 to 8 September in our province, a series of special activities will be completed that will complement the skills of this important film event organized annually in Jujuy. For example, the Festival Autarchic Body has announced the proposals described below.

In this context too, the Concerto de Bocinas will be designed and directed by Carmen Baliero, on 8 September in the Cultural City.

Special functions

Outside competitions, different sections will be shown, including the following: Elevation functions, Bafici (International Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires), Academy of Fine Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Argentina, Green Film Fest (International Festival of Environmental Cinema)), Anima Latina, Thesis Enerc Sedes NOA – NEA and Incaa Short Film Week.

Academic activities

In addition, workshops, lectures and lectures are given by renowned professionals from the film world.

There are among the programmed options: the Actoral Director Workshop for directors by Augusto Fernández, the seminar workshop on support in management and continuity, promoted by the academic expansion area of ​​the National Film Production and Experimentation School, the Workshop Seminar "The Look of Documentary Cinema" responsible for the academic expansion area of ​​the national school for film production and experimentation, the "CineLab" workshop by Rubén Guzmán, the workshop on film analysis and criticism dictated by Rolando Gallegos, the masterclasses "Cinematographic perspective of an approach to sound" offered by Lucrecia Martel , "The montage in documentary film" by the Argentine association of audiovisual editors, "Cinematographic costumes" by Valentina Bari, "Production of venues", by Eugenia D & # 39; Alessio, "Industrial Cinema and Author Cinema: Impossible Marriage of Parallel Paths ? "by Catalina Dugli," ADDA " by Romina Del Prete and make-up by Alberto Moccia.


Likewise, the Third International Forum for an Andean Film Market will be held, focusing on the integration and dissemination of the Andes film industry, an important meeting between the representatives of the institutions, diplomatic members of various embassies and leading figures in the industry of the Andes. cinema.

National meeting of Mobile Cinema

The celebration of 20 years of Mobile Cinema takes place as a finishing touch. A meeting that brings together all the mobile cinemas of the country, which will tour the interior of the province and make projections to communities far from the urban centers.

And as an end to the National Meeting of Mobile Cinema, an AutoCine function will be held so that the general public can enjoy a different proposal outside the home.

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