The theater comedy Señoras de Maracaibo celebrates 10 years on stage with the show "La última noche"

27 August, 2018 – 12:41

Photo: Jairo García

This Saturday, 1 September at 06: 0pm, the Maracaibo Museum of Fine Arts opens the curtain to present the world premiere of the 6th production of the show Señoras de Maracaibo, entitled "La última noche". A play that released millions of laughter, under the production of Richard Olivero.

Since 2008, Ladies of Maracaibo have been touring different cities in the country and received an incredible receptivity. They showed the potential of Zulia's funniest monogolos in every scene.

This year the event continues until his tenth anniversary and on the occasion of the celebration "The last night" will come full of big surprises that unite the genre of comedy with terror, along with a new concept of lighting and musical sets that the scenario & # 39; s will shine for an hour and 20 minutes.

With the charisma and professionalism of the actors José Toledo plays "La China Contreras", Henry Semprum in the role of "Marucha Boscán", Luis Vargas as "La muda mystica" and Carlos Huevaran as "Guillermina Vílchez de Osorio". Zulia Talents with more than 30 years of theatrical activity in the country.

Photo: Jairo García

Ladies of Maracaibo distinguished himself with his presentations in the theaters of the Cultural Arts Center of Maracaibo Lía Bermudez, (CAMLB), the auditorium magna of the URU, and in the Estancia Arts Center; Now they take "La última noche" to the international arena and offer the great show at the Cariola theater in Santiago de Chile on 30 September.

"The idea of ​​this piece is to awaken the laughter of all Venezuelans so that they can enjoy a moment of entertainment and forget the terrible power outages and the unfavorable situations in the country", says Richard Olivero, Producer general.

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