They reveal an alleged contract that forces Kris Jenner to sign the pairs of their daughters

Kris Jenner has always been on the lookout and cares for the well-being of the Kardashian – Jenner family.

According to information from the newspaper The sunThe matriarch forces the friends of her daughters to sign a confidentiality contract prohibiting them from talking about certain aspects of the family's personal life, which also applies to the brides of Rob Kardashian.

A source in the neighborhood revealed to the media that the document contains 100 pages that describe the topics that can be spoken about and those that can not, as well as copyright on photos & videos made during the love affair.

"It is essentially a confidentiality agreement, usually around 100 pages." It also links the copyright of the images or videos that were created during the relationship, in principle they can not sell stories about the relationship or to talk badly about it in public, "said the informant.

This agreement is accompanied by a handwritten letter from the 62-year-old businesswoman, who announces that she will turn to the team of lawyers of the family in case of non-compliance with the agreement.

The source assured that the whole family is aware of this pact, even no couple can leave the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" program if they have not signed the contract.

Is this the reason why Lamar Odom, Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries withdrew discreetly after their controversial relations with the Kardashians? Telemundo.

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