This is how the children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have changed

24 August 2018 06:01 PM
Updated on August 24, 2018 6:50 PM

As children of one of the most besieged couples in the history of cinema, there are plenty of reasons to have their names and faces widely recognized by the followers of their famous parents. And although Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have always tried to guarantee their privacy, the legal battle for guardians that today is the confrontation with the actors has exposed minors more than ever.

Maddox, Shiloh, Zahara, Pax, Knox and Vivienne are not as small as in those images of the & # 39; troupé & # 39; Brangelina that portrayed the agencies during the first years of the relationship. Four of them are even adolescents and are part of a greater awareness of their mother's artistic and social activities.

Maddox, the orphan boy Angelina Jolie, after filming the "Thumb Raider" films in Cambodia, produced "First They Killed My Father", the film version of the book by Loung Ung that motivated the actress to be adopted as a mother.

In his first interview with a media outlet (the magazine people), Maddox called Angelina Jolie "amazing". "It's fun and that makes it easy to work with her," he said.

Her other brothers keep their profile low, although the youngest of them – Vivienne – first debuted as an actress in 2014 in "Maleficent" with a small scene. In this note we briefly review how they have changed in recent years:

Maddox earlier:

Maddox today:

Shiloh earlier:

Shiloh today:

Zahara earlier:

Zahara today:

Pax Thien earlier:

Pax Thien at this moment:

Knox and Vivienne before:

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with the twins Knox and Vivienne. (Photo: Hello / spread)

Knox today:

Vivienne today:


Pitt and Jolie were married for two years in a relationship that lasted a decade. The actress asked in September 2016 to divorce and claimed & # 39; incompatible differences & # 39 ;.

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