Virtual celebration of the 119th birthday of Jorge Luis Borges

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A voice tells, a hand draws and the mind of the listener and sees flying on itself. It is one of the proposals that they offer from today
a website and a
Youtube channel on the occasion of the birth of Jorge Luis Borges.

This is the project "Borges for children and adolescents" that offers video "s, audio" s, e-books and various activities from excerpts from "The Book of Imaginary Beings" by the great Argentinian writer.

Narrated by María Kodama, President of the Jorge Luis Borges International Foundation; the youtuber Rush Smith, the actress Nacha Guevara, the essayist Santiago Kovadloff and the speaker Martin Wullich and illustrated by Eugenia Echevarria, twenty-five stories arouse imagination and increase the habit of reading.

It is an initiative of Fernando Flores Maio, secretary of the foundation that bears the name of the author of "El Aleph" and that was specified on the basis of the patronage law. Although it is mainly aimed at the little ones, it is predestined to captivate all souls that retain the naivety inherent in childhood.

Among the carefully selected stories that can be heard, seen and enjoyed are "The dragon", "The centaur" and "The horse of the sea", "The Minotaur" and "An animal dreamed by Kafka and a cross", to "The three-legged donkey", "The golem" and "The Chinese fox".

Work material is offered for teachers of different levels of schooling and children can leave their own stories and drawings that, as expected, could be distributed, awarded and distributed. There is also the possibility to read or view an e-book or simply enjoy listening to a reading story.

The promoters aim to train autonomous readers and above all to reach students in primary and secondary schools, and to encourage them to "read Jorge Luis Borges' creations and understand a much more playful and easily accessible". They warn that it is the challenge to ensure that "students are an active part of the community of readers and storytellers who are able to successfully meet the school and the work world".

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