Watch the first preview of the new Julia Roberts film

UNITED STATES (Drafting) – One minute is enough to enthuse us for a new film? Julia Roberts react with a great s. The 50-year-old American actress, already far from the roles of femme fatale who marked the beginning of her career, begins a new family spectacle called Ben is back. The role of the worried mother fits Julia perfectly, as she showed in Wonder where she played the mother of a baby with deformities in her face trying to adapt to a new school.

The teaser that just came to light Ben is back It shows us exactly the moment that responds to the title, when Ben returns home, and that is undoubtedly a crucial moment for the development of the plot. Only one minute is needed to realize that this film by Peter Hedges will bring us to tears. Disposable pauelitos from now on in hand.

The young promise Lucas Hedges (Manchester overlooking the sea) gives life to Ben Burns, a young man who comes home on Christmas Eve without anyone expecting him. Ben's mother, Holly Burns (Julia Roberts), welcomes her excited and surprised, but soon realizes she is suffering. For about 24 hours that their lives can change, Holly will make every effort to prevent the whole family from collapsing. Complete the cast Kathryn Newton (Lady Bird) as Ben & # 39; s sister, who does not like the return of his brother.

A film produced by Black Bear Pictures, 30West and Color Force, which will be shown at the Toronto Festival in September, will be released in cinemas next weekend in December.

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