Why is World Day of Photography celebrated on August 19?

Photography is one of the most important creations of humanity, without the world being in darkness, many plates would not exist and different discoveries would remain hidden from our eyes.

August 19 is an important date for photography, a day taken as a reference and is referred to as the "World Day of Photography & # 39 ;.

A date like this, but in the year 1839, France acquired the daguerreotype patent, which consisted of a surface of metal to repair the image, a fact that forever marked the history of the item.

Luis Daguerre presented his latest invention for the French Academy of Sciences: the daguerreotype, which made it possible to capture an image through a chemical process. That day the patent of the daguerreotype was also released, which gave rise to the development of photography.

Later, in the late 1800s and until today, the Kodak company played a fundamental role in the modernization of photography; It was the creator of the photographic role, an invention that offered the possibility to all people who had a camera and could cope with it without major complications.

In 1975, Kodak began experimenting with digital cameras and in the 1990s, with the help of new technologies that have succeeded in creating the first to serve as models for companies such as Canon and Nikon; later on to create the compact cameras that we have on every smartphone.

For example, it took a few decades before this technology entered the market worldwide and offered consumers the opportunity to perpetuate their own experiences.

Photography has completely changed the technology industry of that time, in full expansion, and has also created a new way of seeing the world around us.

Currently it experiences its maximum expression through social networks, where millions of people share their day with the rest of the users.

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