About 37% of erectile dysfunction cases are related to diabetes

At least 37% of cases of erectile dysfunction have an organic origin, that is, they are related to a physiological cause, mainly diabetes, Dr. Juan Carlos Acosta in a statement Monday.

"Diabetes affects the normal process of erection of the penis because it causes hormonal changes, so that some patients suffer from a decrease in testosterone, which in turn implies a decrease in libido and changes in the functioning of the penis," he said. medical surgeon and sexologist.

Acosta said that the origin of erectile dysfunction is usually the result of some modification of the mechanisms that affect the erection of the penis and that arise from chronic diseases.

In addition, he explained, also affect vascular problems, the active action of some drugs, hormonal changes, neurological disorders, obesity, emotional problems and the affairs of a few.

The expert explained that this condition causes an error in the peripheral nerves, which prevents the correct transmission of the nerve signal.

"In many cases erectile dysfunction can be the first symptom of diabetes," he added.

According to the half-yearly report "Panorama de la Salud", developed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Mexico is at the top of diabetes in the countries that make up this organization.

In Mexico, according to the National Survey of Health and Nutrition of Mid-Camino (ENSANUT) 2016, 8.4% of the Mexican male population suffer from diabetes.

The specialist said that a patient with diabetes should see the doctor as soon as an erection problem arises, so that it can be ensured that it is a consequence of diabetes and can rule out any other physical, hormonal or mental illness.

Acosta has indicated that this problem can be dealt with in various ways.

"Sometimes it is enough to better control blood sugar levels, although there is also a possibility to choose a medicine that helps improve the erections of the penis."

In those cases, he noted that medicines containing the active substance Sildenafil increase the likelihood of successful sexual intercourse.

This principle is effective and well tolerated by patients with angina and hypertension, in addition to improving erection in patients with type 2 diabetes up to 56%.

Finally, he said that it is important for the use of medication to consult the physician to determine the cause that causes the difficulty of maintaining an erection and can recommend proper treatment.

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