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Knocking the joints of the neck or back to relieve tension or massage the area a bit, and thus relieve pain is a common habit, but is a health risk, warned subluxation specialist, Aram Omar Gómez Mendoza.

"The improper manipulation of our bones is harmful, for our health this practice has become a tendency that damages us considerably and more when we try to manipulate the bones of the neck or our back, which have a direct connection with our spine", Gómez Mendoza in a statement.

He is also general manager of Innate, an expert clinic in spinal care and specialized in eliminating and correcting problems in the body caused by vertebral subduction. He stated that this method could cause vertebral subduction, defined by the Epstein system as the result of a neurological response to physical, emotional or environmental stress.

This precipitates the wrong alignment between the joints of the spine, thereby increasing the integrity of the nervous system, he said.

In this situation, it is recommended to go to a specialist in case of discomfort to carry out relevant examinations and to determine which type of adjustment or treatment is needed to solve this.

A chiropractor or an orthopaedist understands the structure of the human body and also relies on previous studies to determine the original problem and to treat it.

However, he said that he only manipulated or went into collision or uncertified people, and that this harmed health, because manipulation can be incorrect and instead of correcting a problem and alleviating pain, this can be exacerbated.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), work stress is a factor that causes muscular tension, blood pressure, depression, irritability and anger in humans, problems that result in emotional exhaustion and contribute to problems in the back, neck and shoulders.

"It is normal for people to think they feel relaxed after a massage or when their neck, knuckles or back thunders, but the relief is superficial and in the long run it has more consequences than benefits such as abnormalities in our bones or even spills caused by a fracture in the vertebral artery, which is responsible for delivering blood to the brain. "

The chiropractor emphasized the importance of going to a specialist who diagnoses the cause of a health problem, detects subluxations, and manages the various adaptation techniques that enable the joints to move optimally to prevent nerves.

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