Brazil has a day with vaccinations against measles and polio

The Brazilian authorities urged Saturday on more than 36,000 vaccination posts to immunize children, in the so-called "D-Day" of the national campaign against polio and measles, which will last until the next August 31

. that day is to vaccinate more than 11 million children, according to estimates from the Ministry of Health that have been released in a statement.

Immunization against measles, mumps and rubella, included in the triple viral, it has dropped for the last three years in the country and in 2017 it had coverage of 85%, when in 2014 it was 100%, according to official data .

On the other hand, several Brazilian medical institutions have warned the population and health professionals of the "real possibility of polio return" and have insisted not to stop immunizing children.

Brazil is currently faced with an outbreak of measles in their northern regions, which has been especially virulent in the impoverished states of Roraima and Amazonas.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, in these two states were counted up to 14 August 6 deaths from measles, 1,206 cases confirmed and another 5,731 still under investigation.

This crisis has arisen, says the ministry, of the import of the virus, because "the genotype (D8) that circulates" in Brazil "is the same thing that circulates in Venezuela, a country that has had an outbreak of the disease since 2017 "

Isolated cases are also registered in the Brazilian states of Rio de Janeiro (14), Rio Grande do Sul (13), Pará (2), Sao Paulo (1) and Rondônia (1).

Since the beginning of the campaign, on 6 August, the Brazilian authorities have managed to immunize approximately 2 million children against measles and another nearly 2 million against polio. what presupposes, in both cases, 16% of the total goal.

"Helping protected children protect the whole family", stressed Brazilian Health Minister Gilberto Occhi, quoted in a note, who today supervised the work in the Demerval Lobao municipality, in the state of Piauí (northeast). EFE / RA

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