If you suffer from a depressed vaginal syndrome, this is what you need to know

Depression of people is one of the medical problems that most consultations receive all years.

The disease can have physical or mental manifestations, both are equally dangerous and no doubt, it deserves to be treated with a specialist.

In this note from El Ciudadano we are going to talk about a physical condition that depressed vagina syndrome & # 39; and which, although having nothing to do with normal or general depression, has consequences that, technologically speaking, are similar in sexual or intimate life to the women who suffer from it.

The medical term to call this disease is: vulvodynia. It is a pain located at the front of the vagina, the entrance, especially in the area of ​​the vulva.

The symptoms of vulvodynia can be: pain, burning during sexual intercourse and inflammation.

The most striking problem is the effect that the woman who suffers from this disease has on the quality of sexual life.

The malaise can last 3, 4 months or longer and even become chronic.

The woman who suffers from "depressive vagina syndrome" has the disadvantage that the medication that exists for these cases does not help because it is not an infection.

Vulvodynia will affect your sex life, because if you hurt the area, you avoid sex and this can, as a consequence, cause the woman who suffers, other problems of a psychosocial nature, because they are related to emotions.

It is called "depressive vagina syndrome" because the woman who suffers, sees sexual intercourse difficult or avoids directly. In addition, this disease will weaken the vaginal walls.

The causes of vulvodynia are not fully understood and the treatment is mainly aimed at reducing discomfort and general effects.

What the person who thinks she can go through or who should suffer from this syndrome should go to the doctor immediately, but under no circumstances self-medicate with drugs prepared for vaginal infections, because there is no solution to this problem.

The most advisable thing is, as the saying goes, "to prevent and not to be sorry", so it is important to go to the gynecologist / visit regularly and be very careful if you think you are suffering from this syndrome or to some of its symptoms.

Some of the causes of vulvodynia can be:

-The nervous irritation or the existence of lesions in the area around the region of the vulva

Sensitive skin or allergies

– hormonal changes

-Before having had vaginal infections

-Light pelvic floor or muscle spasm

Some of the complications:

The frustrations and emotional problems that can arise from the fact that you avoid sex because of vulvodynia are:


Sexual dysfunction

Reduction of the quality of life

Couple of problems


Changes of the dream

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