Know the 4 foods that should be avoided after 7 a.m.

There are foods that need to be avoided at night because they can cause problems in the quality of rest, metabolism and digestion.

The recommendation is that after seven o'clock in the evening you do not have any food, because it is the moment when the metabolism works the slowest, it is the closest to go to sleep and the body begins to consume less energy.

If you can, you limit your consumption

1. Skip It is a vegetable with a large amount of water and few carbohydrates. Although it is recognized for its benefits of fighting insomnia, according to the Digital Library of Traditional Mexican Medicine of UNAM, it consumes hours before it goes to sleep, because it causes intestinal inflammation, gas and regurgitation.

2. Celery This vegetable is a natural diuretic, so your desire to go to the bathroom increases, so sleep can be interrupted and your rest is of lesser quality, says the nutritionist Rebecca Flores.

3. Cheeses Sylvia Cruchet Muñoz, professor of gastroenterology and pediatric nutrition at the University of Chile, suggests very careful consumption because of the high content of animal fat, as well as the large caloric intake. People with cholesterol problems are better to remove them from their night menu.

4. Coffee. It is mentioned as one of the stimulating drinks of the nervous system by caffeine, which causes insomnia because it blocks adenosine, a receptor that has a calming effect, generates a sense of alertness and increased energy, as explained in the article What Caffeine Actually does it your brain. Globovision.

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