Know the benefits of eating green apple at night

The apple is a red or green fruit, more recommended by nutritionists because of the content of pectin, proteins, calcium, carbohydrates, sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and iron.

It should be noted that The usefulness of apple flavor makes it one of the fruits preferred by women, especially when we want to lose weight.

According to a study led by Dr Bahram H. Arjmandi, head of the Department of Nutrition, Nutrition and Human Movement Sciences at the University of Florida, USA (US), Eating green apple reduces the risk of heart disease and keeps bad cholesterol levels under control.

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The polyphenols and pectin help remove toxins from the body, promote the digestion of lipids and decrease the production of inflammatory molecules that increase the risk of heart disease.

Other benefits of eating green apple at night:

1- Fighting constipation, thanks to the fact that it is rich in fiber.

2- Cholesterol control.

3- Regulates the glucose levels in the blood.

4- Hydrates the skin.

5- Avoid, thanks to the satiating effect, nightbinge-eating.

6 – Fight insomnia.

7- It is an antioxidant, so it prevents premature aging.

8- Control blood pressure.

9- Fight the bacteria in the mouth.

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