Know the consequences of bathing with hot water

Bathing with hot water can be a pleasure at the end of a busy day. It helps you relax and forget all the stress and the remaining discomfort of bad postures in the office or university.

But researchers recently discovered that bathing in warm water could increase the risk of cardiac arrest, especially in areas or environments that are very cold or have a winter season.

A new study warns of the dangers of bathing with hot water, because it multiplies this to ten times the chance of cardiac arrest.

Japanese scientists detailed for the journal Resuscitation Journal that the problem is when the person, surrounded by hot steam, comes out at room temperature, reported the López-Dóriga portal.

The sudden change causes a sudden drop in blood pressure and triggers cardiac arrhythmias because the circulatory system needs to control very high temperatures, causing the blood vessels to dilate.

Some minor symptoms are fainting, feeling tired and severe headaches. It should also be taken into account that when sweating with hot water vapor the body loses moisture.

People over the age of 40 are most likely to be harmed by bathing with hot water because they are in the winter season when the risk of conditions generally increases.

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