Know what would happen to your stomach if you swallowed a chewing gum

19 August 2018 – 20:32

When we are small, family or friends often tell us "the truth" about what happens when we swallow a chewing gum. Some say that chewing gum will stay in our stomach for seven years. Others say that he will stay there forever. Although chewing gum is not designed to pass through your digestive system, you do not have to live with your mistake forever.

It is important to first determine and clarify the characteristics of chewing gum. It is a curious product. Although we regard it as food and consider it a treat that we can take throughout the day, it is not food. Throughout history we have made chewing gum with tree juice, natural tar or other substances. Nowadays, chewing gum is made from chewing gum, sweeteners, herbs and substances that soften the product to make it easy to chew it .

We have underlined the word chewing because the body can not digest chewing gum. This is due to one of the ingredients of chewing gum, chewing gum, it is a polymer. Polymers are large molecules that consist of different units of smaller molecules.

According to the American Chemical Society, although the body can dissolve chewing gum ingredients, such as carbohydrates, oils or alcohols, it has no enzymes that can be broken down into polymers, natural or artificial. In addition, your gastric juice, which is composed of hydrochloric acid and salts, can not dissolve the polymers that make the chewing gum.

Since we have determined that the body can not digest chewing gum, what happens if you take one? accidentally? As you have probably already realized, the body is complex and well designed. That is why eating a chewing gum will not kill you. The chewing gum continues its way through your digestive system without causing damage.

It starts in your mouth in the chewing phase. Your teeth will try to reduce and reduce the size of the food. This of course does not work very well with chewing gum. The chewing gum then reaches the stomach, where it mixes with your stomach acid. In this phase, enzymes start to work, break down food and extract nutrients that the body can use. The molecules get rid of every other substance – in this case chewing gum – that is not useful for the body.

Within one or two days the chewing gum will leave your body when you go to the bathroom, because your body has decided that does not help him at all. That is why you will not have that chewing gum for years.

Does this mean that it is safe to swallow a chewing gum? The answer is complicated. As we have already seen, swallowing a chewing gum will not cause any damage from time to time. But you can have problems if you swallow a lot of chewing gum because the substance can cause blockages in your digestive tract. This is a more serious situation when it comes to children whose digestive system is smaller.

Therefore, it can cause painful constipation. You may even need medical help to resolve it. To prevent this, do not swallow chewing gum.


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