Losing weight becomes easier if you change your way of thinking

Losing weight is much easier than it seems. People could lose 10 times more weight by changing their way of thinking, says a study conducted by scientists at the University of Portsmouth in the UK, published in the Journal of Obesity.

Scientists analyzed 141 overweight volunteers. 59 of them received training with functional images, a means by which they could visualize how they would feel, see, smell and know how they should be with a better figure. The other 55 practiced the help method & # 39; motivational interviews & # 39; who advises the patient to find and express what motivates him to change his lifestyle.

It was discovered that it is only sufficient to get thinner images of themselves, so that the patient feels that they can achieve their weight loss without any restriction.

For example, the functional images helped the participants to lose an average of 6 kilos and 9 centimeters in their waist after a year, while those who were treated with the motivational interviews & # 39; barely lost 0.67 kilograms and 2.46 inches waist.

"Most people agree that to drink less, you have to eat less and have to exercise more, but in many cases people simply are not motivated enough to pay attention to this advice, regardless of how much they agree." Linda Solbrig in Medical News Today.

Functional images have as main aim to encourage the person to come up with his own image, to imagine how the changes will look and feel.

Source: RT in Spanish

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