Measles stores in Europe can have an impact in Mexico [Salud] – 31-08-2018

Mexico City.- Faced with an escalation of cases of measles in Europe, experts from the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) advised that Mexicans are planning to travel to that continent to be vaccinated because they may be prone to infections.

At a press conference, experts Guadalupe Soto and Jorge Baruch explained that measles are a highly contagious and fatal disease for which there is no treatment once contracted, only palliative care, so they recommended the population to check if they had the vaccine .

On average, nine out of ten people are infected by direct contact with someone who is ill. "It is very lethal because three out of ten people who die ill, it has an impact on quality of life because the seven who survived have been left with disabling and serious neurological sequels," Baruch explained.

The person in charge of the Clinic of Attention for the Traveler also advised the general population to review his vaccination schedule to see if they already have the vaccine and, if not, to apply it to the public healthcare system, where it is free, regardless of whether it is entitled.

The Mexicans who will leave the country and those who enter it have advised to apply the vaccine three weeks to one month before their departure. For this, he said, the UNAM has a Traveler's Clinic in Terminal 2 of the Mexico City International Airport and in University City.

Also at a certain level the vaccine can be applied, with a cost of 300 to 900 pesos, that is to say that it is very accessible, and there is no problem if a person who has already been vaccinated does this again, because many adults do not have a certainty. because it does not have its primer.

The symptoms of the disease are rach, ie red spots, which can initiate in the neck or torso and extend to the whole body, fever of more than 38 degrees and discomforts such as colds, which can cause meningitis and death.

"Before the introduction of the vaccine in 1963, it caused more than 2.6 million deaths annually.At present, thanks to intense vaccination program, the incidence has dropped 84 percent since the beginning of this millennium," he estimated.

He insisted that the population in general should check whether they need the vaccine, especially among children under six years of age or a fortification, to apply it. In the case of adults who already had the measles as children immune, because unlike other infectious viruses this has not presented great variation.

In recent years, four times more cases of measles have been detected in Europe than in 2017, the presence of outbreaks in America and the permanent spread of the virus in Asia and Africa.

Dr. Guadalupe Soto explained that there have been four cases in Mexico that are not autochthonous, all associated with import, so they do not appear in the epidemiological bulletin.

He indicated that the authorities should actively search for cases, to apply epidemiological fences in the event of discovering an infectious person.

Both advised that in the case of presenting signs or symptoms of the disease immediately to a doctor and in the case of travelers to communicate their history of leaving the country or income.

So far they have clarified that there is no travel restriction or mandatory requirement for vaccination against measles, with the exception of some students with international mobility and some candidates with a visa for a temporary or permanent stay.

Travelers can request and consult more information on the website for travelers' clinics or via social networks on Facebook, such as Twitter's clinics on Twitter, such as capvunam and on Instagram clinica_de_viajero_unam.

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