Measles were registered in all states of Venezuela

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the Venezuelan society of public health announced this weekend that there have been cases of measles in all states of the national territory, only 13 months after the official approval of the first case of this epidemic Venezuela.

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They reported that since May 2018 cases have been recorded in the last states that were not affected, which were Amazonas, Sucre, Nueva Esparta, Cojedes, Tachira, Trujillo and Falcon. Nevertheless, the virus gained strength and showed the suffering of some citizens who were evaluated after measles to have measles.

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According to figures from the Pan American Health Organization published on August 20, there is a total of 5,300 possible cases of measleswhile the number confirmed cases reached 3,545 patients, is taking more and more field in Venezuela.

According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Venezuela collects 95% of the victims of the virus and registers 115 of the 121 deaths to the agency. Between January and July 2018, 35 deaths occurred in the state of Delta Amacuro in measles; 7 in Miranda and 2 in the Capital District.

For his part, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, he emphasized during a meeting with MPs in the so-called National Health Congress, that this epidemic was under control, but the numbers belied this theory.

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