Mexicans with haemophilia do not receive adequate treatment



Sat 1 Sep 2018, 10:52 am
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Hemophilia is an inherited blood disorder. (STOCK)

Seven out of 10 people with haemophilia in Mexico do not receive adequate treatment, Dr. Jaime García Chávez.

The researcher in connection with the Hospital of Specialties at the National Medical Center La Raza said in a statement that patients in this situation are susceptible to debilitating joint injuries that could endanger their lives.

During the second symposium on rare diseases and hematology, the specialist estimated that about 6,022 people were diagnosed with haemophilia in Mexico and 7 out of 10 of these had joint damage as a result of poor treatment or a lack of .

Because haemophilia is a hereditary bleeding disorder "where some of the coagulation factors are absent, in a small amount or do not work well," patients bleed longer than usual when they have a wound and they have severe spontaneous bleeding that they threaten your life.

Symptoms include excessive bleeding and easy bruising, although people with mild haemophilia have no symptoms until they have an accident or undergo dental surgery or surgery.

Meanwhile, patients with severe haemophilia can bleed spontaneously up to six times a month, threatening their life and their musculoskeletal system.

In this sense, García Chávez emphasized the importance of timely diagnosis and proper treatment.

He stressed that patients can lead a normal life thanks to the current treatment schedule & # 39; s and can significantly extend their life expectancy.

On the other hand, psychologist Frederica Cassis warned that "psychosocial care is crucial, so that patients with hemophilia can lead a full life, despite the physical and emotional challenges that haemophilia entails."

The psychosocial support and especially the psycho-education, detailed, aim to train patients so that they can learn at a young age what hemophilia is, to know more about their body, the coagulation process and prophylaxis.

Hemophilia is an inherited blood disorder. (STOCK)



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