Scientists discovered the formula to eat without getting fat!

But now two scientists found a method of not getting too fat, completely by accident.

Anne Eichmann and Feng Zhang, a few Yale University scientists studying obesity, tried to make a mouse with morbid obesity to perform an experiment. They realized, however, that the mouse that tried to arrive not only did not arrive, but ate too impetuously.

The scientists said that the lack of two molecules in mouse genetics helped block the lymphatic vessels that absorb fats from food passing through the gut. Unable to absorb these fats, no matter how much the mouse received, he did not arrive.

Eichmann and Zhang discovered the process after studying the mouse, so that the mice did not get fat. The absence of these two molecules prevented the lymphatic tissue from absorbing chylomicrons (one of the fat particles) of their food. By not absorbing these lipids to their organisms, the mice simply expel a large amount of the fats they have ingested.

In simple terms, the tissue that absorbs the fat was trapped, so that the fat could not penetrate. After examination of these mice (which genetically missed the vascular endothelial growth factor 1 and the neuropilin 1 protein),
They discovered that the blockade could be replicated in other normal mice. By inhibiting the ROCK protein (Rho-associated kinase), the lymph vessels are inhibited for a certain time.

Currently, a ROCK inhibitor is used in a medication for the treatment of glaucoma. If they manage to obtain the necessary permits, Eichmann and Zhang can test this inhibitor on a medication that can prevent the absorption of lipids, and thus the weight gain that eventually leads to obesity.

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