Seremi de Salud excludes cholera outbreak in the region

The Department of Health reported Friday that there are 13 suspected cases of cholera in the country, but that these would only be concentrated in the Metropolitan Region.
The entity said that of this total seven were confirmed by the Institute of Public Health (ISP). They are residents of the central zone, of which only three hospital admissions are required.
Cases that, if the seremi of Health of the Coquimbo Region, Alejandro García, does not exist in the region, although at least he called the community to remain calm and prevent possible contamination with hygiene.
"There have been 13 cases so far, but these cases are not related to each other, the most important thing is to call the community calm, because this cholera produced by a bacterium circulating at national level causes mild symptoms, a little diarrhea. , abdominal pain and a little fever, but it is the cholera that is present However, it must be clarified that it is not the bad cholera, so to speak, that is cholera toxin, that is the one that causes many problems, especially from epidemiological point of view, because it causes major epidemics and is not present in Chile, but all people are called to aggravate the hygienic conditions, wash by hand, drink potable water or not let it boil for at least three minutes. also fruits and vegetables and consume food in well-established places ».

How to prevent?

The Minsal said that measures to prevent the spread of cholera are almost all related to actions of washing and hygiene of people, the environment and food.
– Always drink drinking water. If you do not have it, you have to cook it for at least 3 minutes, let it cool down and store it in a clean container.
– Wash your hands with soap and water when handling and preparing food, before eating and after going to the bathroom or moving infants.
– Keep bathrooms and kitchens clean.
Clean and disinfect mesons and covers where food is prepared.
– Keep refrigerated food and the refrigerator clean.
– Treat raw food such as meat, fish, seafood and vegetables that grow on the ground floor.
– Eat well-cooked food, especially meat, chicken, eggs, fish and seafood.
– Do not use homemade mayonnaise.
– Maintaining food at safe temperatures, ie chilled foods at less than 5 ° C and hot dishes at temperatures above 65 ° C.
– Eat boiled fruit, vegetables and fruits that grow on the ground floor.
– Buy and consume food in authorized buildings by the corresponding regional Ministry of Health

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