The habit you have to take care of is not a social leper & # 39; to be

Not resting is very bad for business.

22, 2018

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A team of researchers from UC Berkeley published a study earlier that summer that discovered that sleep Enough of this, the participants were taken to a state that described them as "viral loneliness."

"We humans are a social species, but a lack of sleep can make us" social lepers, "said Matthew Walker, the lead author of the study and professor of psychology and neuroscience, in a statement on the findings. "The less hours you sleep, the less you want to socialize, while other people see you as socially repulsive, which further increases the serious impact of social isolation on sleep loss."

It is logical that sleep deprivation leads you to drift socially, but if you are still trying to convince yourself to sleep instead of sinking deep into your life every day, we have another pity for you.

According to other recent research conducted by The Rand Corporation expert group, the United States is losing $ 411 billion a year as a result of a private dream working group. The United States leads the group worldwide with this figure, followed by Japan with 138 billion lost per year, although the authors of the survey noted that the United States was noticeable by the size of the country's economy.

Not only that, but the US. it also loses an equivalent of 1.23 million working days due to lack of sleep. In terms of lost working time, the United States is followed by Japan with an average of 604,000 lost working days per year, Germany with 209,000, the United Kingdom with 207,000 and Canada with 78,000.

Let this be a lesson. If you want to earn more money and want a better social life, sleep a bit.

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