They discover a way to heal wounds without leaving scars

REDACCIÓN.- A team of Chinese zoologists has identified in the body of the Bombina maxima, a kind of endemic path from Southwest China, a substance that can regenerate the skin without leaving scars that can be applied to the repair of wounds and the consequences of operations. in humans, reports the Xinhua news agency.

The compound in question is a protein whose main functions are to assemble the pores of the skin and repair the tissue when it is damaged. In amphibians that breathe through the skin, the repair of wounds must be free from scars to "not affect physiological functions and avoid fatal consequences," Zhang Yun, the director of the study, said.

Another important function that the dermis plays with these animals is to maintain the water-salt balance of their organism. Both in the bombinas and in humans, the protein found also has a different effect: it reduces the trauma of the edema and protects the wound against the skin infections, even some resistant to the antibiotics.

Because of all these advantages, Zhang estimates that this substance can have great applications in human medicine.

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