They reveal the benefit of alcohol use for health (+ details)

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(Caracas, August 22, News24) .- A study by scientists from the University College of London and the University of Cambridge from the analysis of data from 35,132 individuals has determined that moderate and consistent consumption of alcohol reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Participants had to indicate the amount of alcohol they consumed in each period of their lives. The moderate "dose" was 168 grams of ethanol per week for men and 112 grams for women.

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The observations lasted more than 10 years, during 1718 participants was diagnosed with coronary heart disease. 325 of them died.

The data showed that the highest incidence of deaths (6.1%) occurred among those participants who completely rejected alcohol consumption, while those who presented consistent and moderate consumption dropped this figure to 3.8%.

The authors noted that the instability in alcohol use is also related to a higher risk of coronary heart disease, and the incidence in this case was particularly high for women aged 55 or older.

The researchers state that this can be linked to changes in lifestyle that people experience at this age.

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