This is the deadly disease that could affect the "Gamers"

According to a study published by Medical Research Institute New Zealand, Gamers reveals that they may suffer from venous thrombosis.

Because of the hours they spend playing, some may even spend more than 12 hours in front of the TV or computer.

Why are they at risk for venous thrombosis?

Venous thrombosis is the obstruction of blood vessels in which a clot forms that can move to the lungs or heart and can be fatal.

This obstruction is due to lack of movement. It appears mainly in arms or legs.

It is a health problem that regularly affects adults, but it is very likely that children are also present because of this immobility to play video games.

Thrombosis can affect a 12-year-old person who is never expected to develop a blood clot, "says Professor Richard Beasley, director of the New Zealand Medical Research Institute.

It is not necessarily experienced by Gamers, because it can also happen to seated people due to lack of mobility. That is why it is important to exercise at least three times a week.

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