UNAM recommends that the vaccination schedule be revised to prevent outbreaks of measles

CITY OF MEXICO (apro) .- Before a new global attack on measles, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) advised the citizens that in the case of travel, they would review their vaccination arrangements with a minimum of 21 days before they left. .

He stressed that healthy babies from six to 11 months old should be given a dose of vaccine with international trips in the area, which is not included as part of the vaccination schedule. And in the case of healthy children older than one year, they must start their schedule, which consists of two doses with a minimum distance of 28 days between each.

The goal is that the Mexican population has the best scientific evidence and whether they have planned an international trip, "checking and / or updating their vaccination schedule," Jorge Baruch Díaz Ramírez, head of the preventive health clinic. of the traveler (CAPV).

According to Baruch, the outbreak of measles in Europe is due to the lack of vaccination.

Guadalupe Soto, from the Department of Public Health of the Faculty of Medicine (FM), stressed that one of the rebound assumptions is due to the disinformation campaign of activists in Italy, so that children are not immunized, arguing that the aftermath is their parent ; the same happens with diseases such as whooping cough and diphtheria.

"This condition is viral, very contagious: on average nine out of ten people get in direct contact with someone who is ill, it is deadly because three out of ten who contract it die, and it also has an impact on the quality of life. because of the seven that survive, three are left with debilitating and serious neurological sequels, "Baruch Díaz said.

During a media conference at the Gilberto Guevara Rojas auditorium of the FM, he emphasized the panorama of the traveling population at risk, and agreed with Soto Estrada that "the situation in Mexico is under control thanks to the high vaccination coverage, which reaches 95%. of the population ", even though there have been three cases in the current year that & # 39; imported & # 39; to be.

"There were two women and a baby from Mexico City, in the Benito Juárez delegation, who returned from Italy, a country with a high incidence in Europe, but they recovered without any problem," said Guadalupe Soto.

Measles, continued the director of the CAPV, is not common in Mexico, because vaccination has been able to reduce mortality by more than 84% since 1992, due to the fact that it was included in the vaccination system.

"The first dose is applied before the age of 12 months and gives 95% immunity, but a second dose has to be applied at six years to reach 100%," he explained.

Baruch Díaz said that outside the Atlantic and the Pacific, the 10 countries with the most cases in the past 12 months, according to the World Health Organization: India, Ukraine, Philippines, Nigeria, Yemen, Serbia, Indonesia, China, Congo and Pakistan.

In North and South America, until August 25, five thousand cases had been reported in 11 countries; the most important are: Venezuela, with 3,500, where the endemic transmission has also been restored; Brazil has already fallen 1,200 and the United States more than a hundred.

The head of the CAPV said that the favorite destinations for Mexicans are France, Germany and the United Kingdom, and those same countries (which have a considerable number of cases) are the tourists who visit our country the most. He noted, however, that "travelers should not be seen as a risk".

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