11 tonnes of food preserved in the state of Táchira

During a procedure that was carried out in the city of Coloncito, the Pan-American municipality, Politachira troops occupied a total of 11 tons from different foods from the basic basket.

In this respect the director of this police station, José Noguera Silva, pointed out that the operation was carried out in attention to the complaints made in the police coordination center against the company "Yolin".

He added during the inspection it was possible to verify the sale at speculative prices, rice, sugar, beans, mayonnaise, sea salt, lentils, toilet paper, sanitary towels and daily protectors.

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beside it appeared that the establishment was not in accordance with the legal administrative regulations for the sale of the products. Noguera Silva said that the articles were placed under the command of the Public Prosecution Service

Two prisoners in Valencia

On the other hand officials of the national leadership for the defense of socioeconomic rights (Sundde) arrested two people in the Carabobo in Valencia, after approaching theGDCA Group distributor, in the recreation sector.

In place they found 66 thousand 942 liters of edible palm oil, supposedly monopolized in 3,373 cases.

The detainees They were identified as José Berríos and Arelis Guillén, owner and general manager. The goods were forwarded to Alimentos Carabobo (Alimca).

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