A man died when sand fell from a truck that fell at El Rosal

September 19, 2018 01:16 AM

A man, identified as Vicente Domingo Barroso, 49, died on the spot after a truck laden with sand fell on the car Volkswagen, black color, in which he moved along Tamanaco Avenue, in El Rosal, municipality of Chacao, yesterday morning. The woman who accompanied him had minor injuries and was taken to a health center by Polichacao.

Witnesses said that at 10:00 a truck was parked near a building under construction, and at the time of unloading the sand, it turned with the weight of the load and turned around until it landed on the car. the victim fell.

The lifting of the accident was maintained until noon, where several people still removed the equipment for removing the wrecked vehicle.

Polichaca officials came to the site to initiate the relevant investigations. So far, the causes underlying the fact are unknown.


Germán Guillén, a 32-year-old informal trader, received two shots on Monday that immediately took his life. Relatives do not know the identity of the murderers, as well as the motive of the action.

It was learned that Guillén was at 18:00 on Monday at the end of Calle Union in Los Magallanes de Catia, near his home, when allegedly unknown men attacked him and shot him in the back of the head. and at the back. Their relatives heard about the fact that the sector's neighbors were warning them of what was happening. They do not know the reasons why the merchant was killed. Officials of the Cicpc of the sub-delegation of Propatria executed the removal of the corpse and the subsequent transfer to the mortuary at Bello Monte.

The investigators of Criminal, Scientific and Investigation Research do the research. So far no hypothesis has been excluded; however, theft is the one that acquires the most strength.

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