About 400 private schools could be closed throughout the country

The chairman of the Civil Association (AC) Assembly Education, Leonardo Carvajal, was a guest in Vladimir on April 1st. It indicated that about 400 private schools throughout the country could close this school year.

He added that the increase in the minimum wage has increased the registration of the schools, which jeopardizes their operation.

He specified that "the private schools had managed to keep the salaries of the teachers with the tuition fee, but now the salary increase to the teachers of 3,600% and if that extrapolates to the tuition fee, there is a risk of closure".

Carvajal explained that when the schools close their doors, the public schools can receive the students, but not with the best conditions.

Education in Venezuela

In his opinion, the Minister of Education "left the rhetoric and more realistic"

He stressed, however, that the state has not abandoned its historical responsibility for education in the country.

He explained that he fulfilled his constitutional responsibility to ensure education for all Venezuelans, although the current problems of the country in this sector have changed considerably.

Start of lessons 2018

For Carvajal it will be clear in this school year whether 20% of the enrollment for private education will be maintained, despite the economic situation in Venezuela.

The professor of the Catholic University Andrés Bello (UCAB), said that education is also affected by migration, where there are more and more cases of parents who have to leave their children, or students who do not finish their school period. , motivated to go along with their customers. GV

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