Activated cycle route in the historic district of Valencia

This Sunday, the mayor of Valencia, Alejandro Marvez, started the "historic cycle route", with the aim of saving the historical heritage of the capital Carabobo by announcing the history of emblematic monuments representing local, regional and national heritage.

As part of the activity, Marvez made a cycle tour that departed from the Plaza Bolívar in Valencia to various historical monuments of the city, including the Morillo Bridge, Casa Páez, the Capitol Building, the San Francisco de Asís Church and the old Faculty of Law from the UC, the emblematic City Theater of Valencia, the House of the Star, to return to the first point later.

"From very early in the morning, by giving continuity to the activities of the Expo Valencia 2018, we have put this & # 39; Cycling Historical Route & # 39; in service and we want every Sunday the Valencian families come to do this route They recreate a bit and know these great historical monuments we have in our city of Valencia, "he said.

Close Expo Valencia 2018

Marvez, issued a cordial invitation to the carabobeños to attend the closing of the Expo Valencia 2018 and appreciated the civism shown by the people, the security provided by the competent authorities and the support of the governor, Rafael Lacava, after the success achieved in this important commercial sample that drives the productive and economic device in the region.

"I want to invite you to join the music groups to join this amazing Expo, which has been a success, and start the rescue of our historic center for family enjoyment.We are now deciding on this phase of Expo Feria, but we continue to work. Do not miss every Sunday is "Historical Cycling Route" for the enjoyment of the Valencian family, "said the Mayor of Valencia.

Save spaces

Juan Belén, secretary of international affairs of the Cívico Renovador party and spokesperson for the Dominican Republic's Antillanist Studies Institute, said that the first historic helmet that was made when Christopher Columbus arrived was in the Dominican Republic.

"We have made an exchange with the esteemed mayor of Valencia to go to our country and know how the rescue of our historic district was done, which was also abandoned and both tourists and Dominicans no longer visited these spaces because of the issue of insecurity. Then the municipal government had an initiative similar to what is happening here in Valencia and in a multi-institutional alliance, so the population returned to recreate in these places, "he said.

He said that "we leave with a good impression, as soon as we are in the Dominican Republic, we will describe the media that Venezuela stands, that the Venezuelans stand, that Valencia is and especially that this city has everything that people need, motivation and interest to start again. "

The first "historical bicycle route" was carried out by the municipal authorities, accompanied by a part of his cabinet, the secretary of communication and information from the government of Carabobo, Esther López; carabobeños cyclists and citizen Raúl Paiva, member and one of the founders of Urban Cyclists of Carabobo, who told participants a part of the history of this important central helmet.

With a press release from the government of Carabobo

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