After six years of the tragedy of Amuay, only four managers have been allocated

August 26, 2018 – 7:16 am

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Yesterday six years of the tragedy of Amuay was fulfilled, when on Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 1:00 am a tragedy took place in the state Falcón in the refinery, which is part of the Paraguaná refinery complex, the largest in the world. An explosion took place in the storage place better known as block 25 and left a balance of 55 dead.

The explosion affected the fuel storage tanks, a military barrack, housing and neighboring businesses as a result of the shockwave. 18 of the deceased were officers of the Bolivarian National Guard, at least 156 wounded were also counted.

There was a gas leak in the area of ​​olefins, the accumulated gases caused a strong explosion, according to preliminary data, in a tank with a diameter of 15 meters containing propane gas, which caused the death of 55 people and left 156 injured.

The explosion wave of the explosion caused the firing of nine more tanks in the storage space of the complex.

Four days passed to put out the fire, despite the efforts of the firefighters.

As far as those responsible are concerned, the Public Prosecution Office accused three managers of their responsibility in the event only in 2017, five years after the tragedy. "The Public Prosecutor called for three managers and an inspector from the Paraguaná-Amuay refinery center in the state of Falcón (northwest) to be held responsible for its alleged responsibility in the explosion that took place on August 25, 2012," said a newsletter from the agency . . On 3 August of the same year the officials will appear before the Public Prosecution Service, but no details are known.

So far, the progress of the research is unknown, if they continue, with those responsible for the unfortunate accident.

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