BCV offered the public the Sovereign Calculator that is available in smartphones

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(Caracas, August 23. News24) –The Central Bank of Venezuela at the disposal of the publish an application that makes it possible to know the amounts of the new reconversion money from smartphones, it is the Sovereign Calculator, which is available in PlayStore.
This allows people to place a certain amount that is expressed in strong bolivars and the tool will transform it into sovereign bolivars, thus simplifying the operation. Moreover, the application will be very useful to avoid potential confusion with the coexistence of both money cones and to speed up the adaptation of the public to the new currency.

Monetary reconversion came into force on 20 August and consists of eliminating five zeros in the currency, making economic and commercial transactions easier. The measure is part of the Recovery, Growth and Economic Prosperity program, promoted by the President of the Republic of Nicolás Maduro.

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