Between 45 and 50 people were attacked this Sunday in the Casupo hill of Valencia

Between 45 and 50 people were attacked this Sunday in the municipal park "Casupo" by criminals carrying weapons and fire, with which they subdued and stripped of all their belongings.

Jacobo Vidarte, vice president of the Integrated System (Carabobo State of Civil Protection and Fire Brigade), reported by telephone that the vandals had been hidden in the premises of this plant lung northeast of Valencia for ten hours in the morning.

The gang of thieves takes advantage of the lack of vigilance, overwhelmed those who came down after exercise. They lost their mobile phones, koala's, sports shoes, hearing aids and other belongings after completing their walk in this characteristic park in the Prebo urbanization of the parish of San José.

Vidarte noted that informal trade workers who sell juices and fruit in the Cuatro Avenidas, who were said to have seen the victims, in the midst of the anxiety and nervousness they encountered, suffered from falls and minor injuries when they tried to escape from the location; however, they did not deserve medical attention.

Vidarte stressed that the situation was reported in collaboration with the State Police and the Municipal Police of Valencia, to continue investigating the case and halting this type of mass theft of visitors El Casupo Hill

It is worth mentioning that Last Friday August 17 the Casupo Municipal Park was visited by the governor of Carabobo, Rafael Lacava, who announced a project to improve the roads and other points of this historic and crowded hill. , usually enjoyed by locals to get in touch with nature.

The regional leader in the Twitter-posted video announces that next week a project and important resources for the reactivation and promotion of Casupo Municipal Park, and can restore for their own and visitors, where they feel safe and sheltered, with the support from a brigade of uardaparques and other works worthy of this protected area.

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