Carriers and passengers in uncertainty about tariffs

22 August 2018 01:15 AM

In various routes of the Great Caracas drivers still charge the old rates and the tickets of the past cone, because they have not yet defined how to work with the new currency. They have indicated that they will receive the last tickets until the new cards are in circulation.

"We will continue to charge old accounts until there is a clear picture, we are in uncertainty, both carriers and passengers, because even the new cone is not fully installed," said Aníbal Salazar, driver of the Chacaíto-Las Mercedes route . However, for weeks they have not yet accepted the 500 bolívares ticket of the old cone.

Carriers have stated that they want to set a course of about 1 sovereign bolivar, since the amount of 10,000 bolívares fuertes is not expressed in the incoming cone. They also expect the price of supplies and spare parts for vehicles to rise, so they must receive a higher income.

Yesterday there were few in the capital transport units and also the number of passengers, although the drivers said there was no call for a strike by the trade union. Most companies joined the dynamism: they kept their stores low and the few openers sold food.

"It seems to be a Sunday or a public holiday, there have been very few users compared to normal days, because everything is still unstable," said Salazar.

"This block is usually full of people waiting, but there are only a few here, even though this is very busy: It is a business district with a large influx of people in the week," he added.

The queues of users who were seen in some stops were more for the lack of units than for the number of people. Passengers, who had been waiting for about an hour, claimed that the transport has deteriorated in the last year due to the lack of units to bridge the routes.

"It's not just today, it's been a problem that has been going on for months, and we have to wait more than 40 minutes," said Gustavo Delgado, user of the Chacaíto-Los Samanes route.

Moreover, the elimination of five zeros in the currency has led to confusion, expressed users. Delgado, who pays 15,000 bolívares fuertes along the way, does not know how to pay with the princes and how they will give him the return.

"Today I was able to put 10 sovereign bolivars on the bench, which is equivalent to 1 million of the strong ones, but how do I do that if I only pay 0.15? It must be an increase in the cost of the passage, it is the safest "Delgado said, showing the purple card.

Sources of the union have denounced that 85% of the bus fleet in the country is currently paralyzed, of which 45% has been completely lost or repair is very expensive. They also demand that the government-designated input for the union cover only about 20% of the buses that need it, and that has led to a greater shortage of units.

Guilds and ministry met

The guildmen of Greater Caracas, represented in his various blocks, met yesterday with theSuperior organ of the transport mission, an entity dependent on the Ministry of Transport, to generate an agreement between the two parties with regard to the application of the new monetary cone.

The main proposals that led to this work table, in addition to setting a tariff mentioned in the new accounts, were that consumables were needed, such as batteries, rubbers and oils, that the petrol costs were set for the sector and that clarifies the subsidies with regard to the payment of the student.

Carriers indicate that the fixed interest rate is sufficient to cover other costs of their vehicles. "If they grow into a sovereign bolivar, it will at least reach us to eat," said one director.

The meeting, which took place in the vice presidency of the country, was attended by officials from the Ministries of Transport, Home Affairs, Justice and Peace; from work

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