Conflicts between gangs keep San Juan de las Galdonas on time

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Eva Gómez / photo: Daily contrast / 28 September 2018. – In San Juan de las Galdonas, the state of Sucre, strong armed confrontations between rival drug gangs dominated the area this Thursday.

Neighbors and inhabitants of the Sucrense complain that several people were killed during the shooting, but this information has not yet been confirmed by an authority.

The journalist Javier Mayorca said via his Twitter account that "there is a situation of virtual curfew in San Juan de las Galdonas, after a long-standing confrontation between bands that dominate that place and those of San Juan de Unare." The recordings started on Tuesday morning. So far 3 deaths have been confirmed, they say they are more. & # 39;

Mayorca added in another tweet that a group of "soldiers arrived in San Juan de las Galdonas on Wednesday when hostilities ceased." Although they encouraged people to leave, the villagers stayed in their homes, terrified. of corpses torn apart and with shots of grace, non-public goods ".

The armed rebellion began on Tuesday, so the community stays in the evening time because anyone who leaves his home can be injured.

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