Detractors of Maduro warn about the consequences of the economic program In the agenda

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The political forces that oppose the Government of Nicolás Maduro They warned Saturday of the possible negative consequences that the program "recovery and economic prosperity" will have on the executive tries to get the country out of the crisis.

"Today we stand up against the paquetazo, the paquetazo of Maduro which is clearly a failure, that they are already seeing all the consequences today", said the deputy Juan Andrés Mejía during a rally in the east of Caracas, attended by about a hundred people.

He is also coordinator of the party Popular will, founded by the prisoner Leopoldo López, assured that of the Wide front, which brings together all kinds of organizations, will hold congresses in the 23 states of the country "to take the unity proposal of the fight against the paquetazo".

"Unity is an indispensable requirement to get out of this crisis (…) our main goal is to present the country with only one route, the certainty that when the change arrives there is only one way," he said.

Mejía said that national inflation, which according to calculations by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will close the year in 1,000,000%, "begins to eat" the wage increase promulgated by the executive, multiplied by 35 the minimum legal income.

In addition, the legislator noted that other government measures such as price agreements, devaluation of 95.8% in currency, the increase in taxes, the increase in transport tariffs and economic controls in general will not solve the deep crisis that the oil country has been through for years.

"They return to pursue private companies (…) try to regulate an economy with violence," he added, referring to the head of state's warning to those who do not follow the decisions he has made, to close in your plan.

Meanwhile, the authorities of the country reported that they had arrested at least 200 people and sanctioned about 500 companies this week for crimes such as price comment, speculation, hoarding and boycotting of the economy.

The national supremacy for the defense of socio-economic rights (Sundde) stated in a statement that its officials have inspected more than 2000 establishments over the past five days to "monitor compliance with the measures adopted by the different economic authorities. arrange matters in the country. "

So far, according to data from the Sundde, "more than 500 shops have been fined with different amounts" and "more than 50,000 complaints have been received from citizens, irregularities in payment methods have been reported, in product prices and changes".

the executive It launched this week a conversion that removed five zeros from the currency, while a new family of banknotes with denominations began to circulate more adapted to hyperinflation.

In addition, the government's economic team set Tuesday prices for 25 foodstuffs, generally scarce, and Maduro asked those who did not follow these guidelines to be closed, some of whom were not consulted with the producers according to the main employer of the country, Fedecámaras .

Holders of economic and financial portfolios today held new meetings with other entrepreneurs from other sectors with whom they expect to agree on prices for items such as medicines, auto parts, clothing, shoes and personal hygiene products.

Meanwhile, the ruling United Socialist Party (PSUV) said today that during the next 90 days it will be held in "permanent congress to include contributions to the Executive's economic program.

This information was offered by Chavez leader Diosdado Cabello who accused neighbors today of using the massive migration of Venezuelans to promote a campaign against Maduro.


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