Dollar remittance is equal to Dicom with a percentage of Bs. S 60.27

ÚN.- The house of change Zoom Remittances, reported that as of this Thursday has a speed of Bs. S 60.27, equal to the Exchange rate system of complementary exchange rate on a floating market (Dicom).

Via his Twitter account Zoom published "From # 23Ago Casa de Cambio ZOOM has a course of Bs.S.60,27 Get your money fast, safe and reliable."

Last Wednesday during a meeting with members of various trade unions to discuss the latest actions in the framework of the economic recovery program, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced that the dollar was at 60.27 Sovereign Bolivars, in the first auction of the Dicom, after the monetary reconversion.

"Today (this Wednesday) the dollar marked in Bs S 60.27, it's okay, we had almost calculated him 60," he said.

He also reported that "for the month of October or November we will make five auctions."

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