Economic measures are a final and ruthless attack

María Corina Machado, coordinator of the Venezuela Vente movement, commented on Saturday that the economic measures announced by President Nicolás Maduro is a final and relentless attack on Venezuelan politics.

"These are not economic announcements, it is a desperate and relentless final assault on political and social control, their goal is total submission that destroys everything, this is the revenge of Nicolás Maduro, what they have done, was calculated and deliberately ", Said Machado via Twitter.

The coordinator of Vente Venezuela said the Maduro government wants to win another day in power.

"Maduro has decided to close with us, our goods, our jobs, our freedom and also wants to provoke a much bolder exodus than we have seen of Venezuelans who lose, or continue to, and eradicate hope in their country, or we took them out and rebuilt Venezuela, "said Machado

Machado said that the government of President Maduro tormented every day because they know they're illegal, they know the community is putting them under pressure, they do not have the support of the Bolivarian national forces and their only way out is to destroy the Venezuelan people.

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