El Periodiquito newspaper – GNB has three subjects locked up in transport units

GNB has three subjects locked in transport units

During a special check-up operation in transport units, various arrests were registered

Officials of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), assigned to the detachment 411, succeeded in this weekend in the State of Carabobo to capture three civilians involved in various crimes. This was done in the context of a special operation where it was to verify the public transport units in the Carabobo jurisdiction.

José Herrera Dugarte, commander of this detachment, pointed out that the first case was clear in the municipality of Libertador, in the Citizen Attention post in Lagunita, where Kendar Gónzalez was arrested, because he had hidden nine kilos of copper in a bag.

Later, on the Paraparal-Guacara road, the civilian Yetzi León was detained, because after review by the integrated police information system (Siipol), she filed an application for the subdelegation Mariara of Cicpc for deliberate manslaughter.

Similarly, in the Guacara toll, the arrest of Dora Barrios was obtained, who had filed an application in the sub-delegation of the Rubio Scientific Police, in Táchira, after assessment by the police.

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