Executive announces the start of currency trading by casas de cambio on Tuesday

Caracas.- The Vice President of the Economic Area, Tareck el Aissami, said that the commercialization of currencies through the exchange offices would start Tuesday, within the framework of the economic recovery program requested by the national executive.

"Tomorrow the exchange offices start operating as legal operators and exchange agents," said El Aissami during a Facebook Live broadcast with the president of the republic, Nicolás Maduro, on Monday evening.

"Anyone who has money can put his currency on the market perfectly in authorized exchange offices," the Minister of Industry and National Production added.

On the other hand, he has announced that he will present for the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), three reforms "in fiscal and fiscal areas" that will help to collect funds for "fiscal expenditures" of the nation.

The first of them includes "a tax on income (ISLR) of large taxpayers, which we begin to collect daily, 1% ahead," emphasizing that the proceeds of this concept will "directly" lead to the expense of social investments ".

He noted that the second measure "is to increase the VAT rate to 16% on luxury goods", exempting "food, medicines and supplies needed for national development", he said before he indicated thatThe third tax reform would apply to "bank transactions up to 1%".

100% of bank platforms suitable for the new monetary cone

For its part, the national president congratulated the public and private banks for their successful adjustment to the new currency that came into force this Monday.

"Today (Monday) the technological platform of the national banking system has been successful and in record time", said Maduro.

He also indicated that since three o'clock in the afternoon the public and private banking platforms already operated for 100%, adapted to the Sovereign Bolivar (Bs.S), which assured that "it is already on the street" is in circulation.

He said that from Tuesday the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) "will pass on the official messages of the various variables of the Sovereign Bolivar, its anchoring in international currencies and everything that is the evolution of the new scheme of what is the economic reconversion that Venezuela is living ", he emphasized.

He recalled that the Venezuelan cryptocurrency, the petro, fluctuates "according to the variables", but that it will start at $ 60, in addition to the announcement that therd auction Dicom, with this initial price, will be this Tuesday.

In this regard, reported that this week will be held two auctions, next week three, but the goal is to reach five a week.

Signature of agreed prices

The president reiterated that the signing of agreed prices will take place on Tuesday, where the first 25 products will be published.

"Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 21, the productive and price stabilization agreement will be signed with agroinduistria, at nine o'clock in the morning, where the first 25 agreed prices will be published," he said.

In this context, he reminded Fedecámaras that he will take the first 90 days of the salary of the employee salary, for which he said that he did not understand why they were giving a press conference in which they claimed that they had no cash flow for the new increase imposed by the Executive. to assume .

"I have the money to cover the addition of the half-petro salary increase, for all private companies, the small, medium-sized industry, the trade, I'm ready," he stressed.

"In the coming days we will receive the payroll and we will regularize that payment (…) so that the prices do not increase criminally, I take the cost of the payroll," he added.

Finally, he announced the activation of the "economic growth plan" starting next Monday, with the intention of encouraging national production.

"It is vital to produce the new wealth of the country and the other is budgetary discipline (…) in terms of benefiting from the new macro economy, in order to put it into action for the benefit of the Venezuelans, "he concluded.

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